How Does SCA Compare?

How does Sayers Classical Academy compare to other schools? Simply put, it does not. Few schools offer the unique combination of a classical curriculum and high academic expectation with the opportunity for parents to be intrinsically involved in their student’s day-to-day development, both academic and Christian life.

The grading scale at SCA reflects the high academic expectations held for all students. This high standard serves all students well. This difference becomes evident when students successfully apply their knowledge through logic and clear expression outside the walls of school.

  • When assessed on the county, state, and national levels, SCA students perform remarkably better than their peers. The fact that SCA does not pre-test students to determine acceptance into the program and does not “teach to the tests” makes these scores even more impressive. The following table compares the 2013-2014 ACT composite averages at the county, state and national levels (source) with those of recent SCA graduates (Class of 2010 through Class of 2014). Our Rhetoric Diploma recipients completed the full scope & sequence of SCA’s 4-year high school program, and their distinctive education shows in their ACT scores! Transfer students also saw significant benefit, despite only finishing some of the Rhetoric coursework (after attending another high school).

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  • Every school – home, private, and public – should be proud of it’s students’ accomplishments. SAT, ACT, and other Williamstown, Massachusetts. Father Reading to his Children. Library of Congress.such tests should be considered when evaluating an educational choice. However, it is important to point out that schools such as SCA have a distinct advantage.

    Clearly, this advantage is the parents. The parents have chosen to place their children in a well-planned and rigorous academic course of study. At SCA, students are given a double benefit; the coursework and being blessed with parents that are intrinsically involved in their children’s education, character development, and overall well-being. This gives them a superior opportunity to succeed. SCA students have the best of both worlds; their academic studies are taught and directed in both the classroom and at home by their parents. Additionally, by being home more than 50% of the time the students are less distracted; making it easier to keep priorities in order.

"There is no need to suppose that human beings differ very much one from another; but it is true that the ones who come out on top are the ones who have been trained in the hardest schools." Thucydides (circa 400 B.C.)

To have its way in the heart and mind of students, all education must be parent guided, not child driven. This is especially true with a rigorous classical education. As stated above, SCA does not pre-test students applying for acceptance into the program; however, we do screen parents. With few exceptions, it is the parents' dedication to academics that most often determines the students' dedication to the hard work of becoming educated.

This fact, along with the exceptional academic program of SCA, makes it only right to expect our students to do exceptionally well on state and national tests. This does not take away from the fact that the students of SCA work through a very rigorous coursework and that they work especially hard to receive an outstanding education. It simply states the obvious; children can do very well academically when their parents rightly love, properly care for and firmly guide them through the years of their intellectual development.

Neither the parents of SCA, nor SCA itself is perfect, but the community works together to help and encourage one another in the most serious, most rewarding, and at times, difficult, assignment of parenting. In the end, it is not about test scores, but about developing a whole person. For we do not teach to a disembodied mind, we teach a person with a heart and a soul. SCA is about preparing young men and young women that are marked by godly character, a well trained mind and a proper work ethic.

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