High School Rhetoric Program

3-Day High School Rhetoric Program

Sayers Classical Academy has a longstanding commitment to deliver a rigorous classical education with a family- and Christ-centered focus.  The SCA Rhetoric Program builds on this foundation, providing high school students with the opportunity to meet several years of college credit requirements alongside their high school studies.  For years, our graduates have demonstrated outstanding performance on college-level exams and coursework.  Now, we are pleased to offer the same opportunities to current SCA students through CLEP and DSST testing.  We have integrated the classically-informed scope and sequence of the SCA curriculum with personalized advising and study techniques for the CLEP and DSST standardized tests.  SCA does not “teach to the test”; rather, our students are naturally prepared to encounter this college-level material through the depth and breadth of the classical education that SCA has offered for decades.  Students can apply their learning to tests that correspond with our existing curriculum, allowing them to complete the equivalent of 60 or more college credits before setting foot in a college classroom.

  • College Credit Opportunities

    Click here for more information about SCA’s college credit opportunities, including Frequently Asked Questions, sample testing plans, an overview of college acceptance policies, and estimated costs.
  • 2017-2018 Class Schedule

    The Rhetoric Program meets in class 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 8:00-3:30.  The at-home days will be Monday and Wednesday.

    Though each individual class meets only once, twice, or three times per week, the student will be working on that subject material throughout the week according to the lesson plans given by the tutor for at-home instruction.  Students will also have study hall.

    While all courses will be offered over 4 years, course availability varies by year.  The following courses are planned for the 2017-18 academic year:

    • History: World History I (9th-10th Grade); U.S. History (11th-12th Grade)
    • Literature: World Literature & Composition (9th-10th Grade); American Literature (11th-12th Grade)
    • Math (3x per week): all levels
    • Latin (3x per week): all levels
    • Science: Biology (9th Grade); Anatomy & Physiology (10th Grade); Chemistry (11th Grade); Physics (12th Grade)
    • Speech (9th Grade)
    • Logic (10th-11th Grade)
    • Systematic Theology (11th Grade)
    • Drama/Art (9th-12th Grade)
    • Choir (9th-10th Grade)
    • Colloquial (9th-12th Grade)
    • Senior Thesis
    • Study Hall (varies by student)
  • 4-Year Sample Course Progression

    This is a sample course progression for an SCA Rhetoric student.  An individual student’s schedule may vary based on their previous coursework and current course offerings.

    9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
    World History I* 3 year class rotation includes: World History II, U.S. History, Government & Economics
    World Literature & Composition* 3 year class rotation includes: British Literature & Composition, American Literature & Composition, Analyzing Literature & Composition
    Saxon Mathematics*: class options include Algebra ½, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, Calculus, Statistics
    Latin: 1A, 1B, 2A, & 2B* (if not completed during middle school)
    Biology* Chemistry* 2 year class rotation includes: Anatomy & Physiology, Physics
    Speech* 2 year class rotation includes: Logic, Debate
    2 year class rotation includes: Art History, Choir Senior Thesis*
    2 year class rotation includes: Systematic Theology, Worldview Studies
    Colloquial* (Socratic book discussion – students participate every year schedule allows)
    Study Hall* (students will have study periods to take scheduled tests and work on that week’s assignments)


    * Courses with an asterisk are offered every year.

  • Academic Environment

    SCA’s high school has a university-style academic environment with rigorous standards for both academic accomplishment and personal conduct.  The majority of high school tutors hold a master’s degree and several are doctoral candidates.  Students take a prescribed liberal arts course of study, participate in Socratic discussions and develop logical thinking and rhetorical skills. Tutors proctor and grade all assignments, tests, quizzes and projects.

    Students that attend SCA all four years of high school will be awarded the SCA Rhetoric Diploma, in recognition of their investment and dedication to excellence.  These students will complete the following course requirements:

    Subject Years Required
    Mathematics 4
    History 3
    Government 1
    Economics 1
    Literature & Composition 4
    Science 3
    Latin 2
    Logic 1
    Subject Years Required
    Speech 1
    Debate 1
    Art History 1
    Worldview Studies 1
    Systematic Theology 1
    Choir 2
    Colloquial (as schedule allows) may vary
    Senior Thesis 1
  • Transfer Students

    While a four-year Rhetoric student will benefit from the full scope & sequence of SCA’s exceptional high school curriculum, we welcome transfer students from all educational backgrounds, including public, private, and home school!

    Graduating students that have not completed all Rhetoric Diploma coursework (awarded to students that complete SCA’s full 4-year program) will be awarded a Traditional High School Diploma.  Traditional diploma recipients may earn academic honors and distinctions, but will not qualify for valedictorian or salutatorian.

    While we will customize a schedule for your transfer student to include the coursework advised for a college-bound student, the philosophies of classical education are central to SCA’s curriculum, and we do not take a strict credit-based approach to determining a student’s yearly classes.  A student’s coursework will expose them to a wide array of classical studies, regardless of whether they have “finished” course requirements in past years.  For example, Kentucky state graduation requirements include only 3 credits of history/social studies; however, if a student transfer to SCA for 12th grade after completing 3 years of social studies at their previous schools, they will still be expected to complete SCA’s history class as a senior, as it is closely integrated with the other disciplines studied that year.

    As such, transfer students will follow SCA’s standard class rotation during all years they are enrolled, including such core classes as mathematics and history.  In addition, students will complete the following minimum coursework (either through transfer credit or classes taken at SCA):

    Subject Years Required
    Mathematics 3
    History & Social Studies 3
    Writing & Literature 4
    Science 3
    Subject Years Required
    Latin 1-2
    Speech & Debate 1
    Arts & Humanities 1
    Senior Thesis 1

For More Information:

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