Thank you for your interest in serving both the students and parents of Sayers Classical Academy (SCA).  SCA provides an integrative education by taking an approach that is classical and Christian in both its delivery and content.

SCA  faculty and staff exemplify Christian character and personal commitment to lifelong learning. Every faculty member is a vital asset to the success of SCA and the growth of the child into becoming a mature young man & woman.

To this end, we expect our faculty to understand our mission and teaching methods; not be content with the passing of facts but the cultivation of virtue and Christian character; seek to connect every subject with life and eternity in a winsome fashion; hold a strong standard of decorum both personally and among the student body; and to commit themselves to partner with parents through community and genuine Christian love.

Additionally, we expect those on our faculty who have children old enough for our programs to enroll their children in our programs. This demonstrates their personal commitment to our educational philosophy and their personal investment in the Sayers community.

If you share our philosophy and embrace the vision of our Mission Statement, we invite you to submit an application.

Tutor Application Process:

  • The first step in the application process is to read closely the information listed below in order to have a better understanding of our educational philosophy and pedagogy.

  • Please complete all forms for the position you are applying for, Support Services Staff Application or Tutor Faculty Application, and submit to DeanofFaculty@SayersClassical.org. Please include your resume and a photograph of yourself.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: as you fill out this form, copy/paste the form into a document on your own computer, and save it for your records before submitting the form; this way, if there are any computer glitches, then you have your own copy, and you will not lose your work/information.
    • Application forms must be filled out in their entirety to be considered for employment.
    • Applicants must choose to apply for each position individually. If applicant would like to be considered for both positions, Support Services and Tutor Faculty, then both applications must be completed in their entirety.
  • Applicants will be contacted by an Administrative Office team member if selected for an interview. If contacted, part of the interview process for Tutor Applicants is a Teaching Module where the applicant prepares a lesson to teach to a mixed group audience in order to evaluate your approach and teaching style. 


Reflections from Previous Tutors about their Time at SCA

"What a joy it was to tutor at SCA during my seminary years! A flexible schedule allowed me to remain devoted to my classes. The work helped me provide for my family. The teaching made me a better learner. But more than anything, I had the privilege of sharing gospel and life with these kids."
Dr. Aaron Menikoff, Senior Pastor @ Mount Vernon Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA)

“Teaching at SCA is an experience unlike what one might expect interacting with middle and high school age children.  The kids at SCA are serious, disciplined, and eager to learn.  It is an amazing, privileged environment for a teacher to be sharing knowledge in any subject with the expectation that it will be rightly tied to the God who created this world and His Son who is redeeming it.  I fondly remember the years I taught at SCA watching children mature into well-rounded, gospel-saturated, educated young adults, and I still enjoy the privilege of interacting with many of them and their parents long after our time in the classroom.”
Jeff Moran, Service Fund Testing Analyst @ Humana

“Teaching at SCA while I was a student at Southern Seminary was an invaluable experience, and I am thankful to have been a part of the school and the community.  The experience allowed me to grow as a teacher by forcing me to learn how to communicate with an audience of various ages.  I also learned that it does not matter how well I think I explained something if the person in the classroom or the person reading the material at home does not understand what was said.  At the end of the day, I learned that if the student does not understand what I said in the classroom, I failed at my job.  This translates into the church, the classroom, or the business world because we are only as good as what we communicate.”
Eric Rutherford, Wholesale Business Manager @ National Wholesale Fuels

“Teaching at SCA was an enriching experience both academically and spiritually.  The classroom experience taught me how to communicate better, and the classical model helped me understand the process of education.  Spiritually, I built friendships with students that continue to this day.  It was an honor and a joy to partner with godly families and learn from them.”
Dr. Keith Goad, Pastor @ Jefferson Park Baptist Church (Charlottesville, VA)