2016 Graduation

This year’s graduation for Sayers Classical Academy took place on May 21, 2016. This ceremony honored three outstanding individuals. Receiving the Rhetoric Diploma were Micah Morris and Rachel Turner. Receiving an honorary diploma (after only two years with SCA) was Esther Marcum. It was truly a blessed time of celebration in the Lord.

When presenting our academy to the community, sometimes it is difficult to explain how what we do at graduation is different from the graduation ceremonies of other institutions. We get questions from people about why it takes so long for three people to graduate, or comments about how all graduation speeches are basically the same. We believe that our graduation is truly unique, a blessing to those involved, and that it represents a great window into the heart of what we’re seeking to do at Sayers.

In order to help people see what our graduation ceremony is about, we are dedicating this portion of our website to the recent graduation. You can view some of what was said at the ceremony, and hopefully discern the heart of an academy that is truly dedicated to Christ, classics, and community. We rejoice with our recent graduates and stand confident that they have been equipped to face adult life with a gospel-centered worldview and an exemplary education.