Vision Meetings

Sayers Classical Academy Vision Meetings occur twice each year for current parents, staff and tutors. These meetings link our community together by providing fellowship with like-minded parents and tutors. Vision Meetings help to develop a greater understanding of the value and purpose of a Classical Christian education.

The best part of the Vision Meeting was hearing the junior and senior students present what Sayers has meant to them. Listening to them give God the glory for where they are in life was great! Also, listening to them explain how their education has helped shape them as people, not just for today or as college students of tomorrow, but how it has helped shape their character for adulthood is beyond exciting! This really illustrated how much love, time and commitment have been invested by parents, faculty and the students themselves to learn and grow as people. This is what I want for all our children.
2nd Grade Parent

Vision Meetings remind us why we are doing what we doing.  Whether through the Director’s visionary address or through hearing testimonies from students in the senior class, these meetings remind us why our children are at Sayers.  It is easy to lose focus throughout the day-to-day grind, and these meetings provide an opportunity for our focus to be re-set, and for our will to be re-inspired so that we may continue the process of laying the necessary foundation our young children need.
Kindergarten & 2nd Grade Parent