Sexuality and Gender Identification

Sayers Classical Academy’s code of conduct regarding sexuality and gender identity is grounded in our longstanding institutional religious identity, our commitment to protect the moral innocence of students enrolled at Sayers Classical Academy, and is explained in accordance with our Statement of Faith.

For the sake of Christian propriety in employment, contract staff member, volunteer, and in adult community and student life, we regard sex at birth as the identification of the given biological sex of each member of our constituency. Any blurring of the boundary between maleness and femaleness, such as identifying oneself as a transvestite, transsexual, or transgendered, is contrary to biblical standards.

We must view the actions or intentions of those seeking fundamental changes of any kind from one’s sex at birth as a rejection of the biblical and theological understandings to which Sayers Classical Academy is committed, and hence as grounds for removal from consideration for employment, contract staff member, for an employment applicant, for a family applicant, a volunteer, and/or from consideration for enrollment for a student applicant, and as grounds for termination of employment for a current employee (faculty or staff), contract staff member, volunteer, and/or termination of enrollment a family, and of a current student.

The same is true for examples of cross-dressing, or other expressions or actions that are deliberately discordant with birth sex. All tutors, staff members, parents, and students are responsible for notifying the director and/or an advisory council member for Sayers Classical Academy of any violation of this policy, past or present. Decisions will be handled on a case-by-case basis in a confidential and sensitive manner.