Grammar Art Program


Drawing trains students to focus what is in their imagination and show it to the rest of us more clearly. It also engages their perception of the world around them, teaching their eyes to better understand what they are looking at. Being able to draw allows for enhanced clarity in thought and expression. Besides all this, an artist of any skill is never bored so long as they are within reach of a pencil and paper!

This program is also integrated with weekly vocabulary. Drawing pictures that illustrate the meaning of a word will ingrain the concept in students’ minds. Along the way, we learn some new words, and we also find that we don’t always know the words we use every day quite as well we think we do. That is, until we look at it more closely.

Tutor: Mr. Roger Day

roger dayMr. Roger Day is a graduate student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is married to Mrs. Jenna Day. They both moved to Louisville from San Diego in the summer of 2010. Mr. Day has been drawing since childhood, kindling inspiration from the stories of C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.

How to Become Involved

  • How/where do I sign my student(s) up?
    There is no need. The Grammar Art Class takes place during the normal school day at SCA.
  • Who is the Grammar Art Class for?
    All students in first through fourth grades.
  • What do they need to bring?
    Themselves! Paper, pencils, erasers and drawing boards are provided for this class. The 3rd and 4th grade students
    will be encouraged to bring their color pencils for the latter half of the school year.
  • How will the students be graded?
    The grade will depend on behavior and participation.

Logic and Rhetoric Art Program

Our Foundation

Classical Art at SCA is built upon the belief that art students must learn and develop the skill of translating what the eye observes and perceives into the drawing, painting, or sculpting surface.

Our Vision

The greatest artists in history dedicated years to the study drawing before advancing to paint with color and to experiment with a variety of mediums. Therefore, our aim is to:

  • To Learn to See, to Perceive, and to Connect
  • To Develop Skill
  • To Use God-Given Imagination
  • To Create
  • And above all else . . . To Glorify God

For the Christian artist, a love for art has a profound connection to the Master Painter/Creator, Jesus Christ. Each work of art that the artist executes is a unique expression from his or her love of God and His Word.

    • The Beginning class is for any student from fifth to twelfth grade at all levels of ability from the novice to those that have had more drawing experience.
    • Beginning art students start their study by gaining an understanding of the “visual vocabulary” or the “elements and principles of art.” Much time is spent learning the skill of drawing using graphite pencil techniques and pen-and-ink rendering. Learning to draw well is foundational to mastering other mediums, techniques and creativity.
    • Students must complete this level before they participate in the Intermediate level class.
    • The intermediate level class will continue to develop skill in drawing.  The students will use a variety of mediums in black and white and then experiment with color mediums, pastel and watercolor.
    • This level must be completed before taking the Advanced level class.
    • The Advanced classes continue with the basic drawing skills and move ahead to experiment with a selection of mediums such as watercolor, oil, colored pencil, pen and ink wash and pastels on various painting and drawing surfaces.
    • This class consists of seventh to twelfth graders.

Our Tutor: Mrs. Caffy Whitney

caffy whitneyMrs. Whitney’s utmost goal in teaching art is to glorify Christ. She sees art as merely an extension of what He has graciously given as a means to communicate His life and work of grace in and through her. Her hope is to encourage and affirm each student in the pursuit of becoming the artist they desire to become at every level. She also wishes to instill confidence in their artistic abilities.

As Christians, students in Logic & Rhetoric Art Classes glorify God in creating beauty and inspiration through art, thus exalting Him as Creator. As a part of SCA, Mrs. Whitney joyfully commits to sharing her art experience with students and to watching each of them use their talent for His glory.

We are very thankful to Mrs. Whitney as a part of our community. You can view some of her own art work at and contact her at




Opportunities to Exhibit

All of the Beginning and Advanced students have the exciting opportunity to display their finished work during the course of the year. Our grand finale occurs at the end of the school year with the SCA’s Spring Concert and Art Exhibit.


Please contact SCA’s Administrative office to obtain information about the schedule and cost of the class.