Athletic Program

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Our Purpose
The SCA Athletic Program provides an avenue for children to play various sports each year with their fellow students in an environment that prioritizes Christ first, team second, and self third.

Our Ethos
Sports have become a very important part of society, and can teach children how to live as a Christian in that society. Our goal is not only to coach, but to mentor players in the ways of the Lord during the season as an extension of what they are being taught at home.

With a Christ-centered perspective, the aim of the SCA athletics department is to carry the witness of Christ to other teams and coaches. We love to compete, but glorifying the Lord in all areas of life is most important.


Available Sports

Below is information about the various sports that are available to SCA students in both the 2-Day Program and the 3-Day Program. Most of the games for high school students are played in the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association (KCAA).


  • Girls from fifth to twelfth grade are welcome to join.   Varsity, JV, middle school, and elementary teams are available, given there are enough players.
  • Practices begin in July once or twice a week and increase to two or three practices per week by the middle of August.
  • Games start the end of August or beginning of September and conclude near the end of October.


Cross Country:

  • Boys and girls of all age are welcome.
  • Kindergarten through eighth graders have had tremendous success in this sport.
  • There is also an opportunity for high school students to compete through the KCAA.
  • Practices start in the summer twice a week.
  • Meets commence with the beginning of the school year and conclude at the end of October.



  • Boys and girls from fourth grade up are encouraged to play.
  • The fourth through sixth graders have competed in the Whitefield Academy league from October to the beginning of December.
  • The seventh through twelfth graders play in the JV and Varsity program from November to the end of February.



  • Boys from fifth grade up are welcome to participate.
  • This sport begins in the spring and ends with the school year.
  • The fourth through sixth grade boys have played in a small league created by the SCA Athletic Program,
  • and the high school boys played in a local league and also the KCAA league.



  • All students, both boys and girls of all ages, are invited to training, and the top players compete in the tournaments.
  • Training includes learning the proper way to swing and to manage the course.
  • This begins when the weather breaks in the spring and continues through the end of the school year.
  • The KCAA has an upstart league that continues to draw interest.

Program Leadership & How to Become Involved

Golf 5The Leadership Team
It takes a tremendous amount of volunteers to have a successful athletic program. God has provided godly men and women to coach, assistant coach, schedule games and practices, run concessions, order uniforms, and coordinate the end of the season banquets.

 Involvement for SCA Parents and Students

SCA Athletics Program is in need of coaches for all the listed sports.  If you are gifted in a certain sport and would like to coach, please let us know. The program can always use coaches and those that have the gift of administration.

If you are interested in volunteering or involving your student, please contact Tim Byron, who currently serves as the Athletic Director.

SCA participates with the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association.