House System

At Sayers Classical Academy we desire to be a community that promotes spiritual growth through engaging the heart, soul and mind. Christianity has a long standing tradition as a progenitor of learning. The modern day university still carries with it many traditions that began in many of the monastic orders. Scripture teaches a holistic view of mankind that recognizes that the mind is an integral part of person. At Sayers Classical Academy we recognize that the right structure is critical to the outcome. Structure alone will not accomplish anything of note without the active participation of parents, students and tutors.

Structure for Community

Within this scope, we want to create thoughtful traditions. As a part of this overall picture, we believe that a community structure, which we is called the House System, will be of great benefit to SCA’s students in personal development. It creates a venue for every student to be a part of something together. Our house system is our own. It has  some similarities to others, but it has our own flavor.

Leadership Development

Using this structure gives us the apparatus to promote leadership development.  Leadership is something that can be learned through opportunity better than it can be taught. A vision can be cast and caught, but it is in the opportunity to put into practice what is taught in that classroom that solidifies leadership qualities.  Leadership starts with good character and integrity and is exhibited through opportunities for initiative in service.

Character Development

The development of character goes hand in hand with the training of the mind. Right thinking should lead to right practice. In addition to the training of the intellect our house system strives to place the development of good manners, and character traits such as integrity, love for God and neighbor as a part of its ethos.

Reaching Out

As a part of the community we want to develop at Sayers Classical Academy, service is an essential part of the culture and expectation of our community. Character is forged through doing, and organized service projects serve us in this objective.


Community of the Mind

We are a place of learning and as such we strive to promote thinking throughout our community as an act of worship. The development of our traditions through the structure created with our house system is in line with promoting the proper place of the mind in the Christian life.

There is a lot of room for growth in our development of our own House System. It is now in its infancy, but we see a lot of potential for its continued growth into the future.


We have selected four of the five major prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel) for our house identities. The students in the house develop a mission statement and a charter for its structure that reflects their book’s message.

In correlation these four books have been paired with the four cardinal virtues.  (cf. C.S. Lewis section on this in Mere Christianity). Students also develop a house motto that is based upon these.

  •  Isaiah–Justice
  • Jeremiah–Fortitude
  • Ezekiel–Prudence
  • Daniel–Temperance

The house system currently has two houses, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. As the rhetoric community grows and the house system is tried and true we have built in the ability to grow our house system.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The house system is incorporated with our student council. We believe that this is the best way to encourage some friendly competition and unity. Each house elects representatives from their house, and the president and cabinet are selected through an application process. This helps to create more “buy-in” for all students into the SGA.

The student council gives some clear guidelines for their responsibilities and the Dean of Student Life works closely with them for added structure and accountability. (These duties may include organizing aspects of “Fall Farmal”, the Winter Dance, Prom and some game nights.)


A small part of the camaraderie we want to create at SCA is through the use of friendly competition and teamwork. We have a point system to create a sense of excitement and motivation to encourage and help ones team. Points are awarded during game nights, as part of awards for contests, as well as for good marks and participation in service projects.